Recoiling line

Designed to reduce the size of the mother coil to smaller ones and customize them

Designed and manufactured to conform small coils from a mother coil . It allows the operator to program the size of the resulting coil either by weight, length, or diameter.

It incorporates a system of labeling and it can be equipped with a plastic film applicator that is applied above and below the coil. May also include a paper winder and applicator

The coil turn-around system allows placing the coil in a vertical position on any means to transport it.

Line composition

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Benefits of the Recoiling Line

Ahorro en Materia PrimaMenor Espacio de AlmacenamientoMayor ProductividadCalidad de EnderezadoFlexibilidadAdaptabilidad

More savings, higher productivity, flexibility, and straightening quality are some of the benefits of implementing a cutting line.

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Savings in raw materials

The purchase of coil instead of format implies a saving of 5% in the cost of raw material. We make the most of the coil length, thus wasting less material. This way, we will achieve a greater benefit for our final product.