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Cutting Lines Benefits

Savings in Raw MaterialLess Storage SpaceHigher productivityStraightening QualityFlexibilityAdaptability

More savings, higher productivity, flexibility, and straightening quality are some of the benefits of implementing a cutting line.

Discover the benefits

Savings in raw materials

The purchase of coil instead of format implies an average saving of 5% in raw material cost. We make the most of the coil length, thus wasting less material. This way, we will achieve a greater benefit for our final product.

Less Storage Space

The coils take up much less space than the traditional sheet metal format. They are comfortable to store, and their handling is agile and safe.

Higher productivity

A 1-ton 1-millimeter-thick coil is 850 meters long. With an Ekicontrol cutting line, we can cut 3-meter formats in less than an hour.

Straightening Quality

The quality of the straightening of our cutting lines accomplishes with the most demanding international standards.