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At EKICONTROL we are aware that in the event of any incident it is vitally important to receive in a short period of time the supply of the necessary spare parts to continue maintaining the productivity of your installation.

Therefore, we are committed to solve the problem as soon as it arises and speed up delivery and installation of the material required for it.

At EKICONTROL we have our service subsidiaries in different places, as well as an international network of distributors and partners local service providers, which allow us to offer you a personal and professional solution in order to minimize waiting time for any supply.

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Technical service


Technical service

Frequently Asked Questions

Up to 3 more blades are recommended at most, although there are customers who have placed up to 5 more.

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The scrap winders are used to wind the edge of the sheet that has been cleaned up. This makes it easier to roll up for later disposal.

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Among others, aluminum, galvanized, pre-lacquered and stainless.


In the TWINCUT20 this process is carried out by the operator by varying the penetration of the upper straightening rollers.

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We fall within the parameters of European regulations.

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Yes, up to a maximum of 1550 mm.

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Normally not, but when more delicate materials are to be processed, such as stainless steel, it is necessary to clean the rollers. This cleaning is carried out by the operator manually as maintenance.