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We think that innovation is finding new formulas to manage your production more agile and more efficient.

Constantly adapting to new technologies

At EKICONTROL we are immersed in a continuous process of adaptation to the new possibilities offered by technology. We have the necessary means, the technical office, the workshops, and the laboratory to offer to our clients a painstaking service both in quality and in delivery deadlines. The quality of our products allows us to maintain a high level of activity within a highly competitive market.

Industry 4.0

The Contacted Industry

Industry 4.0 is a technology based on real-time knowledge of the status of machines, production, maintenance, which helps us to predict and prevent downtime, for example, and which helps to get the most out of production.

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En EKICONTROL colaboramos con las empresas transfiriéndoles tecnología de vanguardia y aportándoles valor competitivo para su negocio

Without a cutting line

With Cutting Line

Request for formats of different standard length measures All the meters you need, regardless of formats
Minimum purchase quantity 3000 kgs. (a normal truck can transport 20 tons of weight) therefore 6 packages of formats. (1,926,000 total mm) Buying coils you can load 2 coils of 10 tons each (2,200,000 total mm)
Minimum purchase quantity 3000 kgs. (a normal truck can transport 20 tons of weight) therefore 6 packages of formats. (1,926,000 total mm) Unload all the kilos at once with the crane
Quick ground storage to continue unloading the truck and so on with each pack of formats You take the coil directly to the warehouse
Once the format packages, the strapping, the wooden pallet, plastic wrappers have been stored, they must be removed and these have been paid at the price of sheet metal. Much less wood, wrap, and strap are used with the coil
The sheets must be handled by operators and transferred individually by operators, minimum of 2 to the work table. A standard 1500x3000x0.8 mm sheet weighs approx. 28 kilos A single operator loads the coil on the loading car of the cutting line and starts to cut the pieces you need with the desired length
If you need to use a sheet of more than the one you have in stock, for example, 4500 mm. You have to make that piece 3000 + 1500mm, either weld it or not. Directly from the coil, you can cut the desired length, without junction or waste
The standard measurement formats will be stored for their next uses, starting the process from the beginning The coils will always be ready to be cut to the desired number and length for their maximum efficiency.

Implement a cutting line in your manufacturing process

And start enjoying the benefits of a cutting line
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